Natural Philosophy of Treatment at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu was established with a definite mindset, this mindset was created due to a unique philosophy of addiction treatments. Chris and Pax Prentiss, the founders of Passages Malibu, wanted to create a treatment that stepped away from the rigid boundaries of traditional addiction treatment. They wanted to create a luxury rehab that offers comfort and respect to the client in all phases of recovery.

Many luxury facilities do not stand true to this philosophy of treatment. However, Passages Malibu strives to remove this miasma related to addiction, so the client is accepted as a whole. Through this philosophy, the client maintains their sense of respect and dignity, which allows them to remain in control of their lives as they receive treatment for their addiction.

We understand that drugs affect the mind and the body in different ways, it should not be treated as a singular disease. Individuals can develop a tolerance for these type of drugs very quickly, causing them to take a higher dose that can cause a variety of issue, each different from the other. As the dosage gradually increases, it causes the patient to become physically and mentally dependent on it. At this stage, stopping such a high dose would become harmful to the patient and their families. Most of the time, traditional methods of treatment do not help clients suffering from addiction and other related effects.

For this reason, our alternative drug rehab programs such as Ativan drug rehab offers personalized treatments that deal with each underlying issues differently for each client. It allows the client to receive a unique holistic treatment that offers therapy to heal the mind, body, and spirit of the client. Passages Malibu also provides a luxurious setting for the alternative treatment, which allows the clients to relax and receive treatment unlike any other.


Guidance and Support through Professional Staffing

We believe that each client can recover if he or she is given the proper guidance and counsel over the course of their recovery. The treatment team at Passages Malibu works on this philosophy; we prepare personalized support and guidance sessions for each client. Moreover, these sessions are updated each week in accordance with the client’s recovery to be the most effective in all ways.

For any questions related to our luxury rehab programs, you can call 866-750-1767. Our Passages Malibu Admissions Department Coordinator is always available to offer compassionate and supportive responses to all queries related to our programs such as Ativan drug rehab program.

Holistic Methodologies of Our Luxury Rehab

There are no clinical or medical drugs used during rehabilitation in Passages Malibu. Most of the times, pharmaceutical drugs have their own list of side effects that cause even more discomfort to the client who is already struggling with addiction. Holistic remedies are much more effective, as they provide many benefits without any repercussions.

Passages Malibu uses a variety of holistic therapies to minimize the effects of addiction during recovery. Many holistic remedies are used during the rehabilitation, which help the client heal the spirit, mind, and body. Passages Malibu uses alternative holistic remedies such as:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Physical training
  • Psychotherapy
  • Life purpose counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Aromatherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Massage and acupressure
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Many other services of the like.

For more information on all the holistic remedies used during rehab treatment such as Ativan drug rehab, please call 866-750-1767 at any time of the day.

Impartial Support and Care

Our staff, at Passages Malibu, emphasizes a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for clients with addiction issues. Many Facilities choose to label their clients as addicts or junkies; however, we do not encourage any use of such predisposed notions.

The philosophy of Passages Malibu is built on an equal foundation for all individuals, whose addiction is treated as a whole, rather than a disease. Negative terms, such as those mentioned above, can discourage the clients from recovery as their personality crumbles under disrespect of their identity. Which is why, Passages Malibu, places respect and dignity of the clients above all conditions of recovery.

Recover at Your Own Pace

Traditional alcohol and drug addiction treatment are often provided within a limited timeframe. Unless the client recovers during this period, their addiction is labeled as a disease, which must be treated with a clinical mindset. Passages Malibu does not believe that addiction is a disease; rather, its causes have been summarized as:

  • Chemical Imbalance
  • Unresolved Trauma or event from the past
  • Inconsistent and unhealthy beliefs
  • Inability to manage stressful situations

We believe that addiction issues can be treated if these underlying issues are properly dealt with in a healthy manner. Our customized luxury treatment programs allow you to find the right rehabilitation treatment that can tackle addiction and dependency habits in the right way.

Join Our Luxury Holistic Rehab Today

Addiction can cause your life to become a struggle; it can cause strife between your family and friends. We offer luxury drug rehab services without any judgment or criticism, so you do not have to struggle with addiction any longer. You can call 866-750-1767 for more information on the amenities and luxury services available at Passages Malibu.