The History behind Passages Malibu: Inspiration and Creation

Passages Malibu was built with one philosophy in mind, which was to offer alternative and holistic treatment to clients with addiction issues. This philosophy came into being due to Pax Prentiss, who was an addict himself at one time in his life. Pax Prentiss was addicted to various serious drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and some other drugs.

Due to the self-destructive ways induces by his addictive tendencies, Pax lost all connections with his friends. He was very close to losing all connection with his family as well; however, he reached out to Chris, his father, for help before things really got out of hand.  Pax knew that he could not become sober without the help of his family, which is why he asked his father to get him help for his addiction issues.

Upon his father’s advice and guidance, Pax joined many traditional luxury rehabs and even got personalized therapy for his addiction. Sadly, none of which helped his cause, none of the expensive treatments and programs he had joined curbed his addictive attitude. These treatments would give him relief for a short while before he relapsed into his old ways. When he joined the treatments again, he was met with disappointed faces and felt ashamed of his ways.

After discussing and some deliberation, Pax and Chris Prentiss set out to find a luxury rehab that would not label his addiction as a disease of some sort. Chris knew that the traditional methods and the support groups made his son feel helpless and sick of his lifestyle. These groups only discussed the nature of addiction and labeled it as a disease that can be treated as an ailment.

Chris and Pax had found that some ways used in the luxury rehabs brought comfort to the body and mind of a person struggling with addiction. Soon, they adopted other holistic treatments into the luxury rehab treatments they had learned.

By bringing the eastern and the western treatment methods together, they were able to create a luxurious alternative therapy program based on holistic principles of healing. This holistic approach to addiction treatment proved to be successful in treating Pax’s addiction, which is why, from here on out to help other people like Pax with their drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The holistic therapy used natural and herbal remedies to relieve the client of their stress; it helped them through their withdrawal phase. These holistic therapies are combined with evidence-based therapies such as psychotherapy, sound therapy, etc. to offer a grand drug rehabilitation program in a luxurious setting.

Pax and Chris Prentiss established Passages Malibu with aims to offer a comprehensive, yet non-traditional treatment to individuals with addiction issues. Now, it offers state-of-the-art holistic remedies to its clients in a luxurious setting. Due to the success of this program, it has become one of the world’s leading luxury rehab centers, where you can get luxury treatments such as Ativan drug rehab. To join the luxury rehab at Passages Malibu, please call us at 866-750-1767.